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Logo creation

For the same reason I love directing videos and making treatments, I love designing logos.

All the elements are already there from the creative minds who worked on a project’s basic structure (say a company, a brand, an app, a product, etc): then it’s just about giving it flesh, a visual identity and its own language. Then it’s out in the world; instantly recognisable with all the ‘feel’ and other concepts it’s supposed to be representing at glance-speed.  

creating avatars so to say

Below, a variation on the logo  principle. Having designed so many of them, my head was for some reason full of hipster ‘vintage’ visuals (when it was “cool”) and cheap superficial catchlines. So I went on and created a full series of them, expanding on the nonsense and laughing at branding accuracy’s face. If you are not a French speaker and can’t read what it says not to worry - it doesn’t mean anything and is barely translatable... quite fun though.  
‘Logotype jambon’ / Own project - (2011)

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