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Illustrations — what I started with


It started with passion and amazement for that craft that let you create living things starting with a plain sheet of paper. The trigger was staying around my mother (who’s an artist) and watch her draw, paint, and sculpt. Now drawing also has a therapeutic role for me - I let the pencil do its thing without thinking too much; and the final result gives me pointers about how deep down I really face the events of my present life.  

I usually draw using a simple pencil and  watercolor. Then obviously finishing up with a Photoshop ‘cleanup’. I call them ‘cleanups’ as it’s when I can make them all slick and perfect.

Most of the illustrations below are available to purchase as prints in various sizes in the ‘Shop’ section!

first illustration: ‘Je veux du sucre’ / Watercolour - (2011)

pencil & watercolour - (2014)

‘Le Cornu’
biro & Photoshop - (2014)

biro & Photoshop - (2011)

‘Not a friend’
biro & Photoshop - (2011)

‘The Tears’
biro & Photoshop - (2011)

‘The Lift’
biro & Photoshop - (2011)

‘Je veux du beurre’
pencil & watercolour - (2011)

‘Jack is gay’
posca & Photoshop - (2011)

pen & Photoshop - (2009)

biro, watercolour & Photoshop - (2012)

‘Pied de poule’
biro & Photoshop - (2012)

‘Les bons comptes font les bons amis’
pen & Photoshop - (2009)
Cargo Collective / Adrien BD - theme: Zero
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