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pen & Photoshop - (2011)

This is an illustration in the same vein of ‘Le Cornu’, essentially exploring inner emotional states through symbolism and a game of contrast.

I associate serpents and spiders as messengers from the dark parts of ourselves - our parts of ‘shadow’. Those parts often misinterpreted and neglected, according to me, so here the serpent roams free on the man’s face. 

Product details: Paper: Archival Watercolour 220gsm (Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255gsm available +£5).
Ink: A3 Fine Art Giclée: premium quality archival inkjet prints, produced at the highest resolution for photographic and fine art reproduction.
Frame not included.

About size and framing: For these type of illustrations I advise taking taking the biggest size and frame it inside a frame one “A” bigger (if you buy a A3 for example, putting it in a A2 frame) with a white paper underneath - creating a neat white border.

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