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& branded content

For the same reason I love directing videos and making treatments, I love designing logos.

All the elements are already there from the creative minds who worked on a project’s basic structure (say a company, a brand, an app, a product, etc): then it’s just about giving it flesh, a visual identity and its own language. Then it’s out in the world; instantly recognisable with all the ‘feel’ and other concepts it’s supposed to be representing at glance-speed. 
creating avatars so to say- 

‘Charlotte Gainsbourg X Current Elliott’ - logo for the capsule fashion collection with Nathalie Canguilhem (2014)

‘CWO / Commercial Waste Only’ - my own video production company (2014-2015) 
‘Montelimar’ -  collaborative project with Olivier Héraud (2016)

‘Delinquent’ - rebranding for London based production & creative content company (2013)

‘The Bottom Stable’ - rebranding for a vintage shop in Petworth Uk (2015)

Full rebranding for London based production company HSI (2015)

‘Logotype jambon’ - own project, exploration on the randomness and emptiness that I felt was this trend for “heritage” branding (2011)
& branded content
Cargo Collective / Adrien BD - theme: Zero
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