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& graphic design
I’m very fond of the idea of taking something perfectible and making it ‘perfect’. To me it’s like that feeling we get once the whole flat has been cleaned, or the bed has been made. So, it’s only natural that since the age of 16 I’ve been teaching myself on Photoshop to make beautiful things, and now I am working with it in a professional capacity everyday. (alongside so many other softwares, rest assured -_-). It’s now quick and easy for me to create other kind of realities, from scratch or with retouching.
Below my latest work:

‘Blue note’ / Commercial  project in collaboration with LaBowtique bowtie London - Photography Mickael Korausch - (2020)

Same project - special covers I designed to be printed (available in the Shop) 

‘Mirrorpool’ / own project - The different steps of creating the final image

‘Cape’ / own project in collaboration with LaBowtique bowtie London - Photography Adrien Biosse Duplan - (2019)

Whether doing a beauty retouch or creating from scratch, the possibilities are endless as you can see. This is precisely what I love about it.

I’m blessed to be now at a level where I can think about emotions and atmosphere more than about software presets and “how to make it?”. Though to be perfectly honest with you, I’m a strong believer of “the best and most believable way is to make it in the real”- nothing beats mother Nature.   

& graphic design
Cargo Collective / Adrien BD - theme: Zero
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