Adrien Biosse Duplan creative direction and graphic design
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French creative director and graphic designer based in London. 

Organised, hard working, with a keen eye for details.  

My world is a happy mix of meaningful otherworldly ideas and premium aesthetics.

Whichever the genre, I prefer humane and attainable, especially for high end content. Not just about a clever contrast, more about letting everyone dream and enjoy.

I see every project as unique with its specific world - every deadline, boundary and branding guideline is an exciting & challenging hand to refine the end product.  

I was born in Ardèche, French countryside, in the Summer of 1984 (Leo / Leo).

I direct videos as a hobby, I also write quirky detective books, dabble in illustration, baking and self development. 
Passion for nature, sartorial fashion, spirituality, MTG card game, and Iceland. 

I also teach Emotional Intelligence on an app named ‘Growy’.