Adrien Biosse Duplan creative direction and graphic design
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Video direction, creative direction and graphic design for commercial and personal video projects.

As video directing is a hobby, I got to meet and work with directors, creatives, and sometimes production companies needing my services for different kind of projects. I love it.
I use to be an editor, then a 2D-3D artist, nowadays I do creative direction and/or directing (sometimes self shooting) on projects when I’m asked, or for fun when I have the time.  

I’m featuring mainly commercial projects for now, update with the personal ones to come soon.

demo reel:

commercial projects:

Brand: La Bowtique Bowtie  |  “Cigar”  promo video   |   2021

Brand: Schön! Magazine  |  “Change” promo video   |   2016

Brand: Alighieri  |  promo video   |  2015

Brand: CWO films  |  ident for the production company  |   2015

Brand: Delinquent  |  ident / Christmas card for the production company  (mature)  |  2010

Brand: Pos1t1ve  |  promo video  |  2013

Brand: Micky Green - In Between, music video |  co creative direction with Nathalie Canguilhem  |  2014

 Brand: Alex Soto  |  promo video  |  2022