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Treatments — creative researcher

kind of senior - SINCE 2011

Treatments are a clear, legible (and sexy!) visual presentation of a director’s vision for a soon-to-be-aired TV commercial, music video or movie. The director explains to me, the researcher, how they picture every aspect of the finished video (look & feel, location, casting, product shot, music, the story, etc), so I can go hunt for a big batch of perfect images and videos that represent their creative aim as close as possible. While doing so, he/she writes a text explaining all about his/her vision. Eventually, having selected the best images, I put them together with their words to create a clear, legible and sexy (those words again) visual document that serves as a visual proxy-result for the video in the making. Now the clients can be reassured that it’s going to kick asses.

I’ve been doing this for a looong time - so to me it’s like brushing my teeth or making pancakes. But if you’re still fuzzy about it all, just go click on one of the selected treatments examples I made below to check what it’s all about.  
easy peasy -

Featured treatment: ‘Madonna - living for love’  
Dir. J.A.C.K / Wanda Paris (2014) ︎ (watch the video ︎)

interactive treatments:

Cargo Collective / Adrien BD - theme: Zero
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