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Demo reel:

I have other talents than making treatments, I don’t come from a graphic design school - I’ve been learning on the field how to direct since I’m 16.
Directing is my main interest and passion.
Although quite career driven, I’m more keen on expanding my skillset, portfolio, and making content for the love of the craft than for the potential fame.

All but the Schön! Magazine video below which was produced by Biscuit London were self-shot, directed, written, edited + effects, and graded by myself.  

Short overview of my journey: I did a Cinema school in Paris (EICAR - ‘editing’ section), was an editor for 8 years, I was then a 2D-3D designer, practiced theatre for 5 years alongside learning in master classes how to direct actors on set; finally I worked as a creative researcher for the last 14 years.
On the latter, working closely with production companies, producers and great directors, alongside having been a managing director of a small production company myself, all gave me a good understanding on how the industry works beyond the creative vision.  

I’m featuring mainly commercial projects for now, update with the personal ones to come soon.

Commercial projects:

Brand: La Bowtique Bowtie  |  “Cigar”  promo video   |   2021

Brand: Schön! Magazine  |  “Change” promo video   |   2016

Brand: Alighieri  |  promo video   |  2015

Brand: CWO films  |  ident for the production company  |   2015

Brand: Delinquent  |  ident / Christmas card for the production company  (mature)  |  2010

Brand: Pos1t1ve  |  promo video  |  2013

 Brand: Alex Soto  |  promo video  |  2022